Himesama is an independent manga, stationery, and J-fashion inspired clothing brand, created with love by Sabrina Kaufmann in Luxembourg ♥

Who are we?

Himesama Clothing

Launched in 2021, Himesama Clothing was initially a collaboration between Sabrina Kaufmann on illustration and Loïc Artieri on graphic design. It is to him that we owe the magnificent designs of the Queens of Fashion, Maidens of the Zodiac and Flor'Asia collections! After the separation of the co-founders, the store is relaunched in 2024.

Sabrina Kaufmann takes over the reins of Himesama as a solo project! Passionate about manga, fashion and fairy tales, the mangaka and creative entrepreneur illustrates her manga Illustrated Fairytales, Himesama products, gives business advice for artists on YouTube and manga courses on Patreon - to make people dream and inspire people on a daily basis.

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Manga, Stationery & J-Fashion

Why buy from Himesama?

Unique illustrations

All our illustrations are drawn by Sabrina and are 100% original designs, inspired by femininity and fairytales in manga style, to offer you beauty every day.

An independent brand

You support independent creation at Himesama, which remains a small brand managed by a solo artist: creation, artwork, design, promotion, inventory management, packaging, sales at conventions and online.

Products for everyone

T-Shirts, Stationery, Manga, Prints, ... We try to diversify our products, keep certain best-selling products, and limit certain collections to limited editions so that everyone finds what they are looking for.

Découvrez la collection Maidens of the Zodiac. Douze signes astrologiques revisités à la mode japonaise lolita.

Our mascots

Aria & Yuna

Our clothes reflect these 2 characters with opposing styles: are you more of a soft and casual lolita like Aria, or girly rock rebel like Yuna? At Himesama, we want to offer you comfortable clothing that lets you express who you are, reflects your personality and makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Dare to be you: original and stylish! ✨