Launched in 2021, Himesama is a brand of clothing and accessories emphasizing the love of Japan of the two designers: mixing at the same time manga inspirations, girly rebel, or elegance of lolitas.

We love clothes because they allow us to express who we are, what we like, our mood of the moment. When we design, we think first and foremost about offering comfortable clothes and accessories that reflect your personality and make you feel beautiful and confident.

Dare to be you: Original and stylish ;-)

Between classic and modern

"Hime" (姫 - "Princess"), "sama" (様 - "honorific title"). From the japanese Kanji 姫様, Himesama was a title of nobility prized to show deference and respect to a person of great merit.

At Himesama, we want to bring out your personality with collections that you can wear proudly on your daily outings or at home.

A small independent brand

Behind the brand, a small team of artists and entrepreneurs passionate about fashion and Japan. Sabrina Kaufmann, illustrator, takes you back in time with her baroque, colorful and sweet creations. Loïc Artieri, graphic designer, brings the final Japanese touch to Sabrina's creations.

The quality of our products is important to us, and we test samples of our garments first before offering them to the public.

As for the jewelry and accessories, they are all created with the greatest love in Sabrina's small studio, to offer you original limited edition creations that you will be almost alone to wear - because we put a lot of importance on the fact that each one is unique and should be proud to affirm it ♥