Video - Yumi @artdunoir

Vidéo - Yumi @ArtduNoir


Unboxing Video ~ Yumi

A first ever! We're too honored by this surprise video from Yumi, aka @artdunoir, where she shows us an unboxing of her first package in partnership with Himesama, containing a white Queen of Cards t-shirt plus a matching choker.


Have you already seen the video of our ambassador Yumi?

In this "first unboxing", she shares inspiration and ideas for coordinating with the Himesama top and necklace for an even more elegant look. 

"My goal is to be able to wear this shirt for everyday wear... but also for lolita outfits. In this area where t-shirts have become a must-have, it is no less for the lolita style. Indeed, wearing t-shirts has become fashionable for lolita girls, according to Yumi. 

Here, she chose to merge the Queen of Cards t-shirt with a black shirt and skirt, with accessories in red to highlight the print of the t-shirt. We love the set!

No more spoilers, go check out the video for more details and inspiration.

Unboxing Himesama - YouTube


Find Yumi @artdunoir here:

She regularly posts videos on YouTube and lives all about lolita fashion on her Instagram. So, subscribe to make sure you don't miss out on any of her tips and look ideas.


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