Ambassador - Lola @ lola.yuri

Ambassadrice - Lola @lola.yuri

We conclude this series where we highlight our ambassadors ♥ They share with you their journeys and tips, as young girls with more alternative looks who proudly assume. Today, let's discover essemble Lola!


Presentation of Lola

I'm Lola Yuri, fan of alternative fashions since I was a teenager, I fell into gothic lolita around 2012 and I'm now part of the association Rouge dentelle rose ruban which organizes lolitas events in eastern France! Apart from lolita I also really like pastel goth which combines my 2 gemini personalities well. I accepted this role of ambassador because I admire the style and the universe of Sabrina K. Art for years! And I am very happy to participate in the success of the Himesama brand and to make it known around me!


What is your style, since when and why did you choose it?

I was gothic since high school then I discovered gothic lolita via Pullips dolls and it fascinated me! Since then I've been wearing this style regularly since 2013. But I'm kind of a fashion chameleon and I also like several other things like pastel goth for example! Being a shy person I love the fact that I can express myself through my outfits.

What do clothes mean to you?

For me the clothes we wear are the reflection of who we are! We can express many things like our tastes obviously but also our mood and our personality. What I like with Lolita is that an outfit can even tell a story.

Did you have to face any prejudice or criticism because of your style ?

Of course, like any person wearing an alternative style, I had to face this problem... but I noticed that the more I assume who I am and what I wear, the less people criticize! And if it still makes some people happy to think that I celebrate Halloween all year long, good for them! It's cool Halloween 🎃 😁

What would you advise to someone who likes more alternative styles, but doesn't dare yet?

I advise you to go gradually if you are not sure, just to get used to it and see if you really like it.  Also, surround yourself with people who will motivate you in your clothing choices! Behind each alternative style, there are often communities that are like families and that will not hesitate to help beginners ^^

Anything else to add?

Don't be afraid to be who you are, don't try to be perfect but just love yourself and love what you wear, it's important! 🥰


Find Lola @lola.yuri here:



Small explanation on this coord with the "Drama Queen" t-shirt: how can we easily do it again and have a stylish look?

For my first outfit with my "Drama Queen" t-shirt I chose a pastel goth look because I found the challenge interesting to do gothic with white!

For that I embellished it with a studded vest, black boots with a buckle reminding the chain style chocker necklace (from Himesama as well! ) and a flowing skirt with flowers and roses in the hair for the pastel side 🌸🖤 Little plus: the stocking effect tights break the wise side of the outfit. 



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