Lolita styles, part 3

Les styles lolita, part 3

In this third part, we honor less common Lolita styles, but which also exist: Lolita fashion is so large and limitless!



  • Deco Lolita

Deco Lolita is a combination between Lolita and Decora. This is a theme that uses fewer layers of accessories unlike the OTT Lolita, and which opts rather for pastel colors than bright colors.


  • Ero Lolita (or Erololi)

Ero Lolita or Erololi is a fairly sexy style that demonstrates a side both erotic, while remaining decent and highlighting the Lolita side. This style often uses different kinds of garters, corsets, necklaces and other submission accessories.


  • Guro Lolita, or Gurololi

The Guro Lolita or Gurololi is looking at the style related to the horror. He is surrounded by a draft blood (false blood) decor, while keeping the appearance of an adorable doll in a dress.


  • Pinku Lolita and Sax Lolita

Pinku Lolita and Sax Lolita refer to light colors. Pinku designates pink while sax demonstrates pastel blue. These outfits are slightly contrasting with white. For the dress style, Pinku Lolita and Sax Lolita adopt the Sweet Lolita as a reference.


  • Ott Lolita (Over the Top)

OTT Lolita returns an overloaded effect, but more harmonized than Deco Lolita. We adopt the pastel colors and various emblematic accessories of Lolita. This style is known for these excessive approvals, especially in terms of the cap with many bulky bars and darling.


  • Cosplay lolita

Cosplay Lolita tends to highlight a lolita style of a character with a purely cosplay goal. It is therefore worn as a suit rather than in classic outfit.


  •  Ita Lolita

The Ita Lolita style (jp. "Ita" = pain) is "painful" to look at, because it is a poorly made lolita outfit: cat ears or geek elements, rather cheap or badly adjusted lace, combinations of bizarre colors. Sometimes this term is used in a mean and pejorative way.


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