Lolita styles, part 1

Les styles lolita, part 1
If you are interested in Japanese culture from near or far, or simply manga and anime, you must have seen the Lolita style: these young girls (and boys!) With puffy dresses that look like dolls. In this series of 3 articles, we invite you to discover in more detail the different styles created over time.



The essentials of Lolita

  • Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita is known for its more sober hairstyles, make -up and colors, including mainly black which is slightly contrasting by purple, red and even white. This style is often characterized by a puffy or cupcake dress, and ornaments like knots, ribbons and lace.


  •  Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA)

The Elegant Gothic Aristocrat or EGA evokes a style in the former Victorian era. It is accommodated with gothic in black tones, but its dress has a more adult design and without bulky fantasies, while keeping the voltages and lace like the other Lolita outfits.


  • Hime Lolita (literally "Princess Lolita")

Often rallied to extravagance, the Hime Lolita style comes from royal tendencies (JP. "Hime" = Princess). The outfit is made up of several bulky elements, going towards tufts of ruffles with sails and lace, socks, shades or even gloves, flowery prints or even embroidery. On the hairstyle side, the big English loops are the most characteristic


  •   Kodona Lolita or Ouji Lolita

The Kodona Lolita or Ouji Lolita (Jp. "Ouji" = Prince) reflects a rather masculine style. It detaches from the famous cupcake dress and opts particularly for a boynnier look, while respecting Lolita emblems, with for example accessories like old -fashioned pocket watches, canes and hats.


  • Sweet Lolita

Adopt the cute attitude with the Sweet Lolita style! This style reflects an angelic and kawaii effect (JP. Mignon), defined by sparkling colors and often accessorized by knots, bars, tights and other graceful fantasies. As a hairstyle, we often opt for large curls, similar to those of an old doll.


  • Casual Lolita

Comfort and style are the words that describe the casual lolita. Her dress is free from thick fabrics for a perfect relaxed outfit. This style always adopts the various Lolita accessories, although it is more minimalist.


  • Classic Lolita

For more finesse and elegance, the Classic Lolita is perfect. It is the basics of Lolita clothing style, that is to say the bell dress, knots, lace and head accessories. It generally spares too much frills for a less childish style.


  • Kuro Lolita

The Kuro Lolita is characterized by a total black look (jp. "Kuro" = black) which is associated with the holding of a Sweet Lolita. It is not similar to the Gothic Lolita look, because it opts above all for a fairly childish outfit.


  •  Shiro Lolita or Shirorori

A tone on tone in white typically represents the shiro lolita (shirorori). It is the total opposite of Kuro Lolita in terms of colors. The latter is inspired by innocence and the angelic spirit, just like the Sweet Lolita. Hair and makeup do not need to be colorful in white for this style.


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