Ambassador - Yumi @artdunoir

Ambassadrice - Yumi @ArtduNoir

In this series, we highlight our ambassadors ♥ They share their journeys and tips with you, as young girls with more alternative looks who proudly take on the role. Today, let's find out about Yumi!

Yumi / Himesama Clothing Ambassador


Presentation of Yumi

I'm Yumi and my style is Gothic Lolita fashion in all its forms. I accepted the role of ambassador for Himesama because I love Sabrina's designs and I think it's great to be able to find them in my wardrobe! On the other hand, as an alternative fashion enthusiast I have always been keen on promoting independent designers.


What is your style, since when and why did you choose it?

My main style and passion is the Gothic Lolita fashion which comes from the 90's in Japan. I discovered this fashion long after but it was immediately an obsession! I love all Lolita styles, however Gothic Lolita is the one that really fits me and so I've been wearing it since 2008.

What do clothes mean to you?

Lolita clothes are magical, they bring together the beauty of a princess outfit and the strength of her prince's armor... In a more modern version! With Lolita fashion, I really feel like myself.

Did you have to face any prejudice or criticism because of your style?

I think everyone who embraces an alternative style has had remarks that are often based on misunderstanding the difference. When people ask me, "But why are you wearing that?" I just say I like it. Do we really need to look any further? I've heard remarks before because the gothic style is often criticized but I don't care about it at all.

What would you advise to someone who likes more alternative styles, but doesn't dare yet?

I would like to advise the motto I gave myself when I started Lolita in 2008: since criticism is inevitable, what counts is to love your reflection in the mirror. You have to do what you like, no one has any complaints about your clothes!

Anything else to add?

Fashion is fun, feel free to have fun with the clothes and adopt the looks that make you dream. Don't say to yourself "this is too beautiful / original for me", it's up to you to define who you want to be!


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Small explanation on this coordinate with the "Queen of Cards" t-shirt: how can we easily do it again and have a stylish look?

For this first outfit with the "Queen of cards" tee and the matching crew neck I chose three colors: first the black and white because it's my favorite combination and then the red. I think the white shirt looks good on the black shirt. Putting a blouse underneath with the cute collar sticking out gives the elegant Lolita touch that I love. I added a black and white skirt again and on the other hand the accessories are more red to go with the tee shirt print.

Right now it's more and more fashionable to put t-shirts in Lolita outfits and I think that as long as the colors are matched it goes very well.


Did you like this look?

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