How to integrate a lolita style into you daily life?

Comment intégrer le lolita dans son quotidien ?

You deeply love lolita fashion but sadly you can't wear it every day ... Don't panic! You don't need a special outfit to be lolita. That's called the "lolita lifestyle". Here are some tips to help you live a lolita life to the fullest!


1. Integrate it into your "normie" outfits.

This can be done with an item of clothing such as a lolita skirt but without a petticoat, a lolita blouse with trousers, a lolita print t-shirt (such as those from Himesama) or cute socks. You can also brighten up your outfit with a simple accessory to feel like yourself even when wearing jeans! Like a bow/flower in your hair, a kawaii necklace, a ring from your favourite brand, etc.

2. Integrate it into your activities.

The main lolita activity is to cultivate the art of Tea Time: make beautiful, well-decorated tables with good tea and different pastries and chocolates.

But the spirit of lolita can also be found in creative activities such as embroidery, writing (poems, letters, ...) or the creation of jewelry.

3. Lolita in culture.

You can also devote your "lolita" moment of the day to cultural activities!

Inspiration can be found in films like Marie-Antoinette or Kamikaze Girls, in magazines like the Lolita Bible, Kera, Tears, ... or even in manga like Nana or Rozen Maiden.

To conclude, I would say that lolita is not just a fashion choice but also an art of living! Being lolita means also being cultivated, being always polite and cute and, last but not least, it means to know how to make the princess inside of you happy!


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