Lolita styles, part 2

Les styles lolita, part 2

Today, let's discover the Lolita styles that honor a specific theme. Yes, there are a lot of variations in Lolita, which allow you to travel and immerse yourself in other worlds and cultures!




  • Country Lolita

Inspired by country outfits, Country Lolita is just as adorable as it is comfortable. This style adopts both a Sweet Lolita and Classic Lolita touch. However, the various fanciful accessories such as a straw hat or a wicker bag make the difference.


  • Wa lolita

WA Lolita is represented by traditional Japanese clothes, including kimono. This outfit has been revisited to adapt to the Lolita look, with various patterns: flowery, Japanese bird printed, and can be accessorized with. The famous Geta or other traditional Japanese ornaments.


  • Qi Lolita

Qi Lolita was influenced by traditional Chinese clothes. It is not on all occasions, because it is sometimes considered as a cosplay garment.


  •  Pirate Lolita

The pirate Lolita is, as its name suggests, the pirate outfit association. In order to refine the look, various approvals such as eyelet, sword, tricorne and others in consistency with pirates are essential.


  •  Sailor Lolita

The Sailor Lolita is composed by a sophisticated outfit inspired by the Navy. A mixture between blue, black, red and white often marks this style, with accessories like barrettes, ribbon knots and sea hats.


  • Military Lolita

Military Lolita, as the name suggests, is inspired by elements of a military uniform. Each piece can be concocted so as to bring out the Lolita style. This style is not very coveted, on the other hand, when you work well, it tends to attract a lot of attention.


  • Punk lolita

Punk Lolita is inspired by Western styles with checkered patterns, chains and studded ornaments. Both extravagant, but original, to keep the Lolita look, he adheres the fanfreluche dress and big knots on the cap.


  • Steampunk Lolita (or Steam Lolita)

The Steampunk Lolita adopts the costume effect with various accessories from the Victorian leather and bronze era. It has different colors in brown, beige, cream and camel tones. Also, it is less ordinary than the other Lolita looks.


  • Alice Lolita

Alice Lolita is one of the subcategories for Sweet Lolita. Indeed, this outfit is inspired by the famous tale "Alice in Wonderland". In order to represent this look, each young lady must reproduce Alice's outfit in blue and white, while keeping the Lolita effect.


  •  Hijab Lolita

The Hijab Lolita honors Muslim culture. All Lolita styles can be decorated with a hijab while respecting the Lolita composition.


  •  Otome Lolita (Otome Kei in Japanese)

Girly and feminine, the Otome Lolita awakens femininity through the composition of its look. It is more convenient to wear it in all circumstances, just like the Casual Lolita.


  • Cyber ​​Lolita

Cyber ​​Lolita is a combination of Cyber ​​Goth and Lolita. It is a very difficult style to achieve in view of the difference between these two styles.


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