History Gothic Lolita

Historique Gothic lolita

Have you ever heard of Gothic Lolita fashion? If not, then you fall right at the right time. This article will reveal everything you need to know about this dress style, a little eccentric, but that you admire a lot given its charm!


The beginnings of Lolita

Very popular and widespread in Japan, this fashion was born in the streets of Tokyo in the 1960s. It is carried by many young women, artists and rebels ready to do anything to revolutionize the "shôjo manga" or female comics.

The Lolita dress style is a bit of an eccentric, eccentric and extremely dazzling fashion set. It is classified as a marginalized subculture which has forged a true revolution of beauty in the Western world. You should know that for the Japanese, the term lolita is synonymous with cute ("kawaii" in Japanese), elegance with a mixture of modesty. It was this set that created this aesthetic style of a somewhat rebellious princess.

Lolita can be defined as a movement that disputes the stiffness and the standards of society, particularly Japanese, deemed too rigid by local inhabitants. The Lolita style, even with its extravagance, brings sweetness to everyday. The goal is to bring a touch of perfect porcelain doll that you admire so much about yourself. Each Lolita style reports an interesting message by embodying cute and innocence.


Lolita inspirations

Do you know the group Moi Dix Mois ? Those who are fans of Gothic Lolita fashion know that the origin of this term in fashion largely comes from the guitarist and leader Mana of this famous group. Indeed, he was the first to use the term Gothic Lolita. He even created his brand myself in 1999.

The ideology of Gothic Lolita de Mana is represented by three acronyms

EGL which means Elegant Gothic Lolita

GL for Gothic Lolita

EGA which means Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. Moi-même-moitié is the first official brand of Gothic fashion Lolita Surpsed internationally, and made this dress style were also taken up by other brands thereafter, becoming one of the most important and visible Japanese subcultures in the world.

Due to the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, the Lolita style can be confused by sexual fetishism. Indeed, this novel stands out on the story of a 12 -year -old girl called Lolita, mistreated and treated by a man. But despite the sexualization of the novel, the timeless Lolita trend does not emphasize this aspect. As mentioned above, it is rather based on the innocence and elegance of a porcelain doll.


Style characteristics

So what is this dress style characterized? As a rule, Lolita stands out with dresses and puffy skirts in bell with a petticoat inside for a little more volume. Sometimes the fashion follower uses lace and composes its outfit often with accessories like mini-tuns or headrests to complete its kawaii look. Particularly for Gothic Lolita, the look is most often done in black and white with a small red or purple touch on oneself, while keeping the somewhat childish spirit of Lolita in general. It should also be noted that the Gothic Lolita style is inspired by the old -century old fashion dresses, in particular Rococo, Baroque and Victorian currents.


References & Brands

To have some models on this famous dress style, here are some reference brands to give you a little glimpse of Lolita:

Baby the Shine Bright (BTSSB), is a very well -known brand that was created by Akinori Isobe and his wife Fumiyo. This brand is mainly focused on the Sweet Lolita category, but it offers other clothes on the Lolita theme in general. Moi-même-moitié created  by designer Mana who was founded in 1999. This is the first fashion house to marry Gothic in Lolita.

MAXIMAM, is a brand that offers a whole collection of fashion in the Gothic Lolita style.

Angelic Pretty is also a major reference in Japan and internationally, with angelic and gentle accents, as its name suggests.

There are of course a lot of brands, physical shops (e.g. Angelic Pretty in Paris), or even websites where we can now obtain pretty Lolita outfits. It's up to you to find your favorite brands according to your style!


In short, Lolita has become more than a dress mode, it has also become a way of being and a culture around this phenomenon. To become and to be a lolita is above all to wake up and to please the princess who hides at the bottom of each of us. This means that today a Lolita woman often turns to correspondence arts such as illustration, sewing, music, and much more to bring this hidden facet out of herself. This also means that Alice in Wonderland is an integral part of the reference to Lolita. The values ​​prescribed in this English literature, perfectly coincide this subculture "dignity, dreamlike, elegance and romanticism".


So, will you dare bring out the princess who is in you?😊

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