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Conseils shooting avec Lola Yuri

It's better to be well prepared before doing a shoot to avoid any hazards. It is precisely for this reason that Lola shares with us in this blog some precious tips to start in photo shoots. ❤️


Tips for a lolita Photo Shoot

1. Find a photographer:

  • Choose a photographer you can trust (I advise you to find out about the person and their work beforehand) who will put you at ease and with whom you feel comfortable.
  • You can ask to come to the shooting accompanied by a relative (if the photographer refuses it's a bad sign!).

2. Choose your outfit:

  • If this is your first shoot, you can simply choose your favorite dress or a comfortable outfit.
  • You can also choose an outfit according to a theme that will be the guideline for your photos!
  • Think about the makeup: you will need to put on a little more than for an everyday makeup to be seen on the pictures.
  • Try your outfit before because sometimes the result is not what you imagined.

3. Find a location:

  • Indoors: this can be in a studio if the photographer has one or in a public place like a church, a town hall or a tea room.
  • Outside: parks and gardens are ideal, city centers for a "street fashion" side or cemeteries for the more gothic!
  • For public places and cemeteries, ask first for an authorization before going there to take pictures.

4. How to pose?

  • You can find ideas for lolita poses in magazines on the subject or directly on the sites/networks of brands.
  • You can also take accessories that will give you ideas of poses like an umbrella, a stuffed animal or a bunch of flowers.
  • Finally, try to relax to avoid looking tense and don't force yourself to smile if you don't want to.


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